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Musings from a Mum of kids with disabilities

I've been involved in the disability community as long as I can remember. From the moment I became a mother I was thrown into a world I didn't know anything about, and scrambling to find advice, resources, support became my single focus for the next twenty years.

I like to share my experiences and thoughts to help others navigating the amazing world of disability.

Are You Included?

If like me you have been an avid viewer of the Commonwealth Games in the past couple of weeks you would have seen and heard a lot about how inclusive the Games have been with a numerous “para” sports being included alongside the able-bodied versions. The format started me to ...

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Do You Practise Tough-Love With Your Disabled Child?

You often hear the phrase "that kid just needs some tough-love" and they would be right a lot of the time."Great," you think, "I'll do that!" But, what does tough-love look like for children with disabilities and does it apply? In short, Yes! The way you as a parent or carer go a...

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Five Reasons to Be Kind to Yourself as a Carer

It seems everyone needs a reason to be kind to ourselves. In this age of bullying, it's quite a shock to realise that the biggest bullies we face are often ourselves. As a carer, we often forget to be kind to ourselves and bully our most precious commodity - our self-worth. So, w...

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