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All Types of Care Queensland

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All Types of Care Qld is a  family owned business established out of concern for the welfare of participants living with a disability not receiving the support services they required and deserved.

One of ATCQ’s greatest assets it’s its size, as a small organisation we have a passionate and dedicated team, committed to empowering those we work with; the individuals we support and our staff alike. We are ambitious and endeavour to be the best that we can be and the individuals and families we support; our direct support staff, our admin and Management team as well as our Board of Management, all contribute to the success of our organisation.

Developing a range of programs which incorporate Community Participation and linking has enabled ATCQ to promote community awareness and support for people with a disability and their carers and facilitate positive links with other organisations and associations interested in the support of people with disabilities and their carers.

ATCQ fully supports and recognises individual’s ability to make their own choices and decisions and work with individuals and families to develop plans for support that recognise those choices and facilitates opportunities for growth and change.

ATCQ welcomes the changes to the industry under a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and is ready to work collaboratively with you, to support you in a way that best meets your needs; with as little or as much help from ATCQ as you choose.

This website aims to provide you with an overview of our services and how we can support you; as you navigate your way through our site and you have questions or feedback, be sure to contact us.

Whether you already know us or want to join us, we hope you love being a part of ATCQ just as much as we do.

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