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Our values at Assist, are the heart and soul of our service to you. These values are represented in our logo by the blue, orange and green hearts.


Disability comes in all shapes and sizes, ages, races, religion and sexuality. It also comes with different needs. Some clients have complex requirements, others are simple. Some clients need lots of support from us and some just want their provider invoices dealt with promptly and don’t need much support at all.

We are here for all clients.

What This Means To Us:
  • We find out what your needs are and how much support you want
  • We give YOU choice and control
  • We don’t force anything on you
  • We listen to YOU
  • We are an equal opportunity employer


We are committed to developing excellent relationships with our clients, our service providers and each other at Assist.

What This Means To Us:
  • We treat others with respect and care
  • We are present in our interactions
  • Our words and actions are consistent
  • We take personal responsibility
  • We are positive in the way we think and speak
  • We embrace differing perspectives
  • We listen and share information rather than tell
  • We are open and honest and transparent in our communications

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Regional Disability Expos are organised by:
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