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CoDesign Consulting

Contact Information

CoDesign Consulting is a Brisbane based boutique consultancy that works with both local & interstate businesses.

We are committed to inclusion beyond 'segregated services' to open up markets for all businesses to contribute toward active inclusion and citizenship in local communities.

​We are passionate about thinking locally and acting personally in all aspects of our work, and believe in and are committed to, providing codesigned value for money solutions that make a difference.

What we do

​We work with businesses across disability, aged care, & the human services sector to help them remain relevant & viable in ever changing marketplaces.

​We provide advice and support to develop practical solutions to help your business deliver better outcomes for clients, more cohesive teams with shared goals and a better work/life balance for business owners.

We can also help with short-term and practical interventions or activities where you and your team may not have the staff, knowledge, or expertise.

Why we do it

​It's quite simple really. We care.  We care about the people we work for & the people we work with.  

​We care about supporting businesses delivering services to people with a disability, psychosocial disability or those who are ageing.

​We care about making a difference to you and your business.

​That's why we package a depth & breadth of knowledge, expertise & know-how

to help you codesign and implement solutions to address and respond to your most pressing business challenges.

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