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As a provider of specialist support services, Flexi Queensland considers its model to be unique. Instead of focusing on the disability of the Service User, our flexible approach emphasizes the Service User’s aspirations and what they can accomplish. Diversity, independence, and creativity are encouraged at our organisation; we consider each individual’s needs and work hard to meet their specific support requirements.

Our Specialist Teams have been developed to ensure that we have a structural response to the life stage needs of Service Users. Each teams have a Team Leader who provides specialist support and information to the Lifestyle Facilitators. They provide a linking between families, Service Users and the organisation.

  • Junior Team – Under 18’s: Works closely with the School and families to ensure congruency of skills focus and behavioural plans. Emphasis on friendships and fun within this context.
  • Young Adult Team – Focus on independence, skills development, friendships and social/community networking.
  • Older Adults Team – For service users nearing retirement and for Young Adults with due consideration for psycho-social changes that accompany older lives.
  • Mental Health Team – Partnership with Burdekin Community Mental Health, Mainstream based recovery model.
  • Intake and Assessment Team – Excellence in person centred planning.
  • Centre Team – Integrating individual goals with choice in activity plans and rostering.

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