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Life Without Barriers

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“We have always been, and continue to be, a community of people unshaken by the toughest of circumstances and invigorated by working together to break down barriers.”

Claire Robbs, Chief Executive

For 25 years we have challenged the traditional ways of doing things, something forged by our founders – courageous families not willing to accept that any person should be denied opportunity. Our purpose is clear – we strive to contribute to a world where each person can live a life free of barriers that prevent them from realising their rights and opportunities.

People experiencing obstacles have a right to expect our collective intelligence and thoughtfulness as a community so they can experience a sense of fulfilment and never-ending potential. We believe our role as an experienced and welcoming organisation is to create the platform for positive relationships to thrive, with individuals in need of support services, with families, carers communities, government and the corporate sector.

We believe what unites us are the rights we have and should all enjoy as human beings. We each expect to have the freedom to pursue what we want from our lives without having to relentlessly fight for it. Yet this opportunity to live freely, without significant barriers, is not afforded to all Australians. This reality drives us – a collective of diverse people – to tackle, disrupt and dismantle the barriers which stand in the way of far too many members of our community.

We are the imaginers – curious and relentless in our pursuit for equal opportunity for all. With imagination, respect, courage and responsiveness as our compass in all relationships, we never forget the value of trust placed in us to provide reliable supports that exceed expectations. We will continue to be guided by our values long into the future.

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