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Magnolia Ride Safe

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Magnolia Ride Safe is transforming disability transport on the Sunshine Coast with an innovative and person-centered approach. Leveraging over two decades of expertise, Robin identified a gap in services and established Magnolia Ride Safe to provide safe and reliable transportation for individuals over eight with disabilities and vulnerabilities.

Meticulously tailored bookings, rigorous safety measures, and strict adherence to industry regulations define Magnolia's commitment to delivering personalised and top-notch transport services. With a focus on peak demand times and proactive planning, Magnolia ensures clients have a stress-free experience. The organisation goes beyond transportation, offering comprehensive service agreements, support plans, and flexible invoicing options.

As Magnolia Ride Safe gains traction with a growing clientele, it stands out as a revolutionary force in disability transport, enhancing community participation and independent living one ride at a time.

Now with a wheelchair access vehicle, Magnolia can meet even more needs on the Sunshine Coast and coming in 2025 to the Bribie Island and East Moreton Bay Region.

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