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At Multicap we believe every person deserves to live life to the absolute fullest. 

It is our primary focus to provide people from all walks of life with every opportunity needed to thrive. We are dedicated to making this happen through the services we offer. 

Established almost 60 years ago by five families for the purpose of caring for young children with high disability needs, Multicap has matured into an organisation with a broad service offering and one clear philosophy; we are here for our customers in all ways, always. 

Since 1962, Multicap has grown and evolved with our foundation families, we have diversified and matured alongside our customers because we have long realised the importance of partnering with them on their life’s journey. 

This partnership has resulted in the integration of transition from school programs and the facilitation of training and employment programs for people eager to jump into the workforce. We quickly discovered that not all businesses supported all kinds of employment; so we started our own employment service that would! Now we have three businesses that we run to facilitate employment pathways for people with disability. 

A natural evolution was the provision of community centres called Community Hubs, and specially purposed Multicap housing, or more accurately, bespoke homes for our customers’ individual circumstances. Multicap homes and Community Hubs often play host to milestone transitions and transformations. From facilitating a young person’s first move out of the family home to championing greater freedom later in life, we make extraordinary effort to ensure our homes – whether we lease, buy or build them – are tailored to incorporate individual and families’ unique needs through any phase in life. 

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