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The company Director, Chanell Donnolley has always had a passion to work with people. She says, “It has always been there for me”. Growing up in foster care has influenced her from a young age to want to help people where she could. She is a caring and compassionate team player with the passion for improving the quality of life for people. Helping and enriching the lives of others already has been the most beautiful and significantly life-altering event that she says that she could ever experience and to have the privilege to further her skillset in this field is utterly rewarding. Her inherent belief is that supporting others is pious, and she is humbled by it.

That’s why she was drawn to starting her own Disability Support Service. Chanell has a strong desire to make a positive difference in people's lives. People with disabilities have inspired her to help to make the world a place where all people can thrive. They have opened her eyes to the challenges that come with a disability. For that, she is forever grateful for all the beautiful clients that she has been honoured to support. Chanell strongly supports People of Peony’s philosophy of being innovative to deliver a service. At People of Peony it’s about being person-centred, we’re not stuck in a mould; we can be creative.

“….I strongly believe and preach that children and adults with disabilities have the same hopes and aspirations as their peers. They have just as much to contribute to society, and they have the right to the same opportunities to fulfil their potential and to have a say in their future.”

Please understand that People of Peony was started not because of one person, one action, one decision. It is about the world we live in, and a society that institutionalizes the idea that one way of being is better than all others. A society that reflects in its words and its actions, that people with disabilities, or anyone outside the narrowly defined, “norm,” are somehow less deserving simply because they are not the same.

A society that decides people with a disability are less because they move differently through the world, Less because they look different, Speak different, Love different, A Society that thinks people with disabilities are less because they need different things than you to survive, Less because they communicate different, Think different, Because they have different bodies, Or different beliefs.

People of Peony just wants to change the world we live in and make it happy, make it fun, make it important and informed. We are simply acknowledging that we live in different spaces. The same decisions will always have vastly different consequences for you than they will for us. Understand that this is not simply about politics, money, or red versus blue.

This is about survival. Chanell’s dad used his last breath to encourage her to change the world and make society a better place all round.

People of Peony is doing this for all of you.

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