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PhysioCare Townsville

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The PhysioCare Townsville team is committed to patient care and individualized treatment.

We understand that each person is different, and as such we allocate extended treatment times of up to one hour for initial visits and 30 minutes for each follow up visit. This means that your Physiotherapist will have adequate time to sit face to face with you and take a thorough clinical history. This forms the basis for a comprehensive and individually tailored treatment program.

At PhysioCare you will not have to share your time with any other clients, we ensure that our therapists only ever work on one patient at a time. In addition, we use a hands-on approach and prefer to perform manual therapy rather than using a machine for the majority of our treatments.

PhysioCare also strives to maintain high levels of communication between all members of your healthcare team and if you are referred to us by your doctor your treating therapist will communicate your progress in the form of a letter to your doctor. In the case of an injury requiring urgent treatment we will do all we can to provided the earliest assessment possible and often we will find a same day appointment to suit your needs. Our regular clients also enjoy the benefits of prompt assessment and treatment by our friendly and professional Physiotherapists. So if you have a condition needing treatment or seek further clarification please pick up the phone and give us a call.

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