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Provider Choice was born from our co-founders’ shared passion for dramatically enhancing the lives of those living with disabilities and long-term health issues. 

Having experienced the impact of various disabilities in their own families and lives, founders Tom Blinksell and Jonathan Salgo crafted a clear company mission to ensure their work would always put individual needs and community considerations first. 

It’s what powers us - and it’s how we are able to empower you.  

As an NDIS registered provider, Provider Choice Plan Management is a service that truly understands the obstacles and goals of NDIS recipients. Our service is designed to make an overwhelming process easier and ensures you can get the most out of your plan, keep on top of your payments and budgets, and manage your providers.

When you organise your NDIS plan through Provider Choice, you do so with a team that truly cares about you because they understand you. We value your insights, feedback and support - and you will see that reflected in our platform offering as we continue to grow with you.

Not only do we provide access to innovative, easy to use technology for understanding plans and managing funds, we also have personal plan managers to help guide participants through the NDIS. Our team of open, positive and empathetic individuals are available to guide participants through the NDIS, explain how things work, prepare for Plan Reviews, answer questions, and support participants in any way that they can.

Plan Management is cost-free for you – the NDIS pays for our service. Plus, you will get extra funding for it, in addition to your regular disability funding.

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